4.17 Glucometer

The glucometer is designed to be used to test capillary blood for the level of glucose. Several types of glucometers are available. The paramedic should refer to the user's manual for his/her specific type for further information.

  1. Select a sample site on the patient's finger and clean the area with an alcohol swab. Allow the alcohol to dry before sticking the finger for a sample.
  2. Tear off a single test strip packet. Note the expiration date on the packet. Open the packet and fold back the foil ends to expose the meter end of the test strip.
  3. Hold the test end of the test strip between the foil. Insert the test strip fully into the test slot located on the side of the meter; continue the insertion until a confirmation tone is heard.
  4. Stick the patient's finger with a lancing device and press the finger to form a small drop of blood. If blood does not readily form on the surface of the patient's skin, have the patient lower his/her hand below the level of the heart to aid in this process.
  5. Apply the drop of blood to the test strip.
  6. Dispose of the sharp in a biohazard puncture-resistant container.
  7. Following a brief delay, the blood glucose result appears in the display.
  8. Remove and dispose of the test strip in biohazard garbage bag.