Dive Accident Signs and Symptoms

6.7.2 Dive Accident Signs and Symptoms

Dive Accident: Signs and Symptoms Enter “Y” (yes) or “N” (no). Explain where needed.

1a. Joint Pain                1b. Location                                                                       

2a. Head Pain               2b. Location                                                                      

3a. Chest Pain              3b. Location                                                                      

3c. Increase with Inspiration or Cough             3d. Radiates        

3e. Location                                                                                                                 

4a. Abdominal Pain                4b. Encircling Pain         

5a. Unconsciousness                5b. When                                                                                  

6a. Difficulty Breathing                 6b. Rapid Respirations         

7. Convulsions          

8. Confused/Disoriented         

9. Extremity Edema         

10a. Rash            10b. Blotching            10c. Itching         

11. Shock         

12. Weakness/Fatigue         

13a. Numbness                13b. Tingling                13c. Decreased Sensation         


14a. Faintness                 14b. Dizziness         

15a. Difficulty Urinating         

15b. Difficulty Moving Bowels         

16a. Difficulty Hearing             16b. Which Ear?                  

17a. Difficulty Speaking             17b. Facial Droop             17c. Which Side?         

18a. Staggering             18b. Paralysis             18c. Location                                                         

19. Visual Disturbances         

20a. Apnea             20b. Bloody Froth from Mouth             20c. Cough        

21a. Cyanosis             21b. Location                                                                                               

22a.Feeling of Blow to Chest During Dive             22b. When?