Section 7 - Hazardous Materials Exposure

7.0 Introduction


These protocols have been developed to address the specialized treatment of patients exposed to hazardous materials. Some of the agents covered in these protocols may be used as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in a terrorist attack. In these instances, scene safety and a need to stage at a safe distance from the scene should be a primary concern for all personnel.

The protocols cover exposure to chemical (7.1), biological (7.2), and radiological (7.3) agents. A color code is assigned to each protocol in the Chemical section (7.1), which coincides with the chemical treatment guide. The Chemical Treatment Guides have the adult and pediatric dosages combined.

The protocols are intended to include a comprehensive overview of hazardous materials for use by hazmat teams and/or hazmat tox medics. The availability of these specialized teams and medics precludes the need for the participating Broward County Fire-Rescue departments to carry all of the medications listed in this protocol.